PRH Announces a New Imprint: RH Graphic

By Spenser Stevens | July 1 2020 | English Language Arts

From Pantheon to DC Comics, IDW Publishing to Campfire Graphic Novels, Archie Comics to Smithsonian Books, and so much more, Penguin Random House is proud to offer a wide variety of award-winning publishers and imprints of graphic novels ideal for the classroom—and we are now thrilled to announce the newest addition: Random House Graphic.

Dedicated to publishing graphic novels for kids and teens of every age and interest, fiction and nonfiction, RH Graphic believes in the importance and power of comic storytelling, and the central place of visual literature in our world and culture today. The imprint’s mission is to transform the childhood reading experience by making high-quality graphic novels accessible to every type of reader. Below is a message from Gina Gagliano, Publishing Director:


Dear Readers,

I read a graphic novel for the first time as a teenager.

And I loved it.

When I was young, I read (and my parents read with me) all kinds of picture books. But as I got older, art started disappearing from the pages of the stories that I read. Pictures, it seemed, were only meant for books for very small children (or possibly for scientific diagrams about how cells or engines work). So I read books that were composed solely of words instead. And I had grand adventures, traveled to far-off (and sometimes imaginary) places, learned things about the world, and made new (also sometimes imaginary) friends.

At Random House Graphic, our mission is to bring the kinds of stories that I read when I was young to the graphic novel form. Every kid and teen should have stories with both words and pictures to read throughout their childhood—graphic novels that will find a permanent place in their hearts and minds.

We are committed to championing the creativity of our authors, because we believe in the power of graphic storytelling—and the central place of visual literature in our world and our culture today. Our dedicated team of comic lovers guarantees that our graphic novels will combine wonderful writing, amazing art and high production-quality to make truly unforgettable stories, across all interests and genres.

Our goal? To put a graphic novel on every bookshelf. We think that there should be a comic for everyone, and we want to make that happen.

I’m so excited for you to learn about our imprint, explore our wonderful upcoming books and authors, and find resources to kickstart your own love of graphic novels!

Gina Gagliano

Publishing Director


In addition to the wonderful titles published by RH Graphic, we encourage you to check out some of our other favorite graphic novels that will appeal to your middle and high school students. From the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama where a young John Lewis once stood (March trilogy), to a roller derby track where a young girl must confront her biggest fears (Roller Girl), and to a world where superheroes can change the course of history (Watchmen), our list of recommended books will transport readers to unforgettable places, both real and imagined.


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