Finding Your Place in the World: Lessons for Reading and Writing

By Kaitlyn Spotts | August 26 2022 | GeneralEducation & Professional LearningEnglish Language Arts

As educators, we know how important it is to give students access and opportunity to books that provide “windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors” (Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop). It’s vital that we support every student and help them address issues they confront both in and out of the classroom. Finding those books and creating lessons to incorporate them into your classroom teaching can be hard and very time consuming. That is why we’ve created Finding Your Place in the World: Lessons for Reading and Writing, a collection of 24 award-winning and highly relevant books—with supporting resources—that will not only inspire but motivate students to read and learn.

We’ve enlisted veteran educator and librarian duo Museable to create compelling and easy-to-implement lessons for each book. The plans help teach writing, critical reading, and literary analysis and can be used in K-8 classrooms immediately. The themes and topics of these curated titles will help your students learn more about themselves through the lived experiences of others and the corresponding lessons will help teach the critical skills needed to succeed.


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