Minecraft Educational Sampler: Now Available for Free Download

By Luis Diaz | April 3 2020 | Education & Professional LearningHigh SchoolMiddle School

Educators are using Minecraft to teach a range of subjects, from history and chemistry to computer science and math. The game empowers educators to transform their classroom with game-based learning. Students build key skills like creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving to help prepare them to thrive in the digital world and future workplace.

The Minecraft Educational Sampler will introduce you to the world of Minecraft and provide helpful tips about how you can implement game-based learning. The sampler includes excerpts from nonfiction Minecraft guidebooks and fiction novels, as well as information on the Minecraft: Education edition for classrooms.

We hope you will join our growing community of educators using Minecraft as a platform to ignite students’ passion for learning!

Click here to download the free sampler.