Realistic Fiction: A Let’s Work Together Teaching Guide

By Spenser Stevens | November 18 2020 | Education & Professional LearningEnglish Language Arts

At PRH Education we believe that all children can learn to read, and access to books is truly key to how students learn to read: proficiently and to read with joy. 

Research shows that reading and literacy directly impacts students’ academic success and personal growth. To help promote the importance of daily independent reading, Penguin Random House Education has launched a new Classroom Library offering for grades PreK-8, with plans to develop additional libraries for High School, Special Education, and ESL/ELL classrooms. The PRH Education Classroom Libraries, which are curated by renowned educator and literacy expert Laura Robb, offer students access to classic and contemporary authentic texts in both print and eBook formats that are relevant to their varied lives and interests. 

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By: Laura Robb

Dear Teacher,

A favorite genre of students, realistic fiction opens a window into their world and their hopes and dreams, and often validates their life experiences. Bonding to realistic stories can happen quickly as students connect with characters that experience a similar range of emotions, relationships, problems, and wonderings. When students relate to realistic plots, they can connect deeply to characters, the antagonistic forces they struggle against, and the decisions they make. Realistic fiction is a genre that also appeals to developing readers because the stories can have relevance to their challenges, hopes, and dreams. All learners can connect to the range of emotions characters experience in a world that’s familiar. Let’s capitalize on the impact realistic fiction can have on students’ reading lives as they bond with characters that show them alternate ways to cope with similar problems and situations.

Laura Robb


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