Celebrating Earth Day

By Coll Rowe | April 18 2024 | Environmental Science

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by encouraging students to learn about and protect their planet.

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Earth Science
Environmental Science & Issues
Climate Change for Middle School and High School | Download a Thematic Educator Guide

The Climate Book
The Facts and the Solutions
The instant NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, now updated for 2024We still have time to change the world. From Greta Thunberg, the world's leading climate activist, comes the essential handbook for making it happen.
$20.00 US
Feb 13, 2024
464 Pages
Penguin Books

Fire Weather
On the Front Lines of a Burning World
A stunning account of a colossal wildfire and a panoramic exploration of the rapidly changing relationship between fire and humankind from the award-winning, best-selling author of The Tiger and The Golden Spruce “Grips like a philosophical thriller, warns like a beacon, and shocks to the core." —Robert Macfarlane, bestselling author of Underland “Riveting, spellbinding, astounding on every page.” —David Wallace-Wells, #1 bestselling author of The Uninhabitable Earth
$20.00 US
Jun 11, 2024
432 Pages

A Graphic Memoir of Family, Community, and the Fight for Environmental Justice
A moving graphic memoir following Eddie Ahn, an environmental justice lawyer and activist striving to serve diverse communities in San Francisco amidst environmental catastrophes, an accelerating tide of racial and economic inequality, burnout, and his family’s expectations.
$24.99 US
Apr 16, 2024
208 Pages
Ten Speed Graphic

Solving the Climate Crisis
Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth
Groundbreaking solutions to the climate crisis from scientists, engineers, civic leaders, entrepreneurs and activists, offering hope to all readers concerned about our planet's future.Offers practical actions that reflect technological and economic advances with an introduction by former United States senator Russ Feingold.
$28.95 US
Oct 24, 2023
528 Pages
Seven Stories Press

The Story of More (Adapted for Young Adults)
How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here
This young adult adaptation of acclaimed geochemist and geobiologist Hope Jahren's highly respected nonfiction work is the perfect book for those interested in learning about climate change and how they can contribute to creating a more sustainable future.
$11.99 US
Oct 04, 2022
208 Pages

Fashionopolis (Young Readers Edition)
The Secrets Behind the Clothes We Wear
A look at fast fashion and its impact on the environment and social justice, perfect for middle grade classrooms
$17.99 US
Feb 15, 2022
208 Pages
Dial Books

365 Ways to Save the Planet
A Day-by-day Guide to Sustainable Living
A 365-day guide to step-by-step sustainability, bursting with actionable ideas and measurable goals across the year
$18.99 US
Apr 04, 2023
192 Pages

A breathless adventure story of courage and survival in a warming climate
A breathless adventure story of courage and survival in a warming climate, from the multi-award-winning author of Refugee 87
$13.95 US
Jun 06, 2023
256 Pages
Pushkin Children's Books