PRH Behind Book Prizes at the American Regions Mathematics League

By Coll Rowe | August 16 2023 | Math

Penguin Random House donated book prizes for students at the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) competition, which gathers students from across the country and other countries.

There were 115 teams and more than 1,600 participants hosted in several locations including Penn State, University of Alabama Huntsville, University of Iowa and for the first time, University of Nevada Reno.  

ARML President Paul Dreyer says “The students really appreciated [PRH] book prizes, and I am thankful for your continued support for our contest. I also greatly appreciate the extra effort to hunt down books for this year’s contest.”

Among the donated books were Mind and Matter, Shape, and How Not to be Wrong.

For more information about the organization and for a list of winners, click here.