Check out these great Math titles!

By Coll Rowe | May 2 2024 | Math

Here are some popular and recent titles about Math from our extensive selection of books for the classroom that are available through the subject lists on our website.



Math Without Numbers book coverMathematics Made Simple book coverMeta Math! book cover

Mammoth Math book cover How to Survive Middle School: Math book cover


Probability & Statistics

 The Data Detective book coverDataclysm book coverThe Efficiency Paradox book coverThe Humongous Book of Statistics Problems book cover 


How Not to Be Wrong book coverSimply Math book coverOne, Two, Three book coverThe Math Adventurers book cover


Quantitative Reasoning

How to Be Good at Math book coverWhat’s the Point of Math? book cover

How to Be Good at Math Workbook book coverAmazing Visual Math book cover 


A Tour of the Calculus book coverThe Humongous Book of Calculus Problems book cover 


Shape book coverThe Fractalist book coverThe Humongous Book of Geometry Problems book cover